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Dianthus (Carophyllaceae)

Dianthus alpinus Classic alpine plant. Large deep rose flowers just above evergreen mats of glossy, narrow leaves. Good drainage essential. PH 6,5 / Goc 2a+3a / s 4,50 EUR

Dianthus glacialis ssp.gelidus another beautiful species with pink flowers on 5 cm high stems. Soft mats of green foliage. 7 cm high. PH 6 - 6,5 / Goc 2a+3a / s - hs 5,00 EUR

Dianthus haematocalyx v. pindicola One of the dwarf forms of the D. haematocalyx complex from Albania to Norh Greece. Basal leaves broadly lanceolate to narrowly elliptic. 5cm high with large pink-purplish flowers on short stems. PH 6-7 / Goc 2a + 3a / s 5,00 EUR

Dianthus haematocalyx ssp. ventricosus Another beautiful dwarf form from the Parnass mountains in Greece. Dwarf mats forming with numerous pink colored flowers. PH 6-7 / KG 2a + 3a / s 5,50 EUR