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Erigeron (Compositae)

Erigeron grandiflorum rarely offered densely tufted species with green leaves. In flower up to 8 cm high. Large violet-blue flowers. PH 6 / KG 2a + 3a /s 5,50 EUR

Erigeron pinnatisectus dwarf species from Park County in Colorado at elevation of 3800m. Sumptuous lavender-blue daisies over pinnate foliage. PH 6 / GOC 1b + 2a / s 4,50 EUR

Erigeron vagus From a branched rootstock, this species forms dense low mats of many gray-green leaf rosettes. Up to 5cm high in bloom. From each rosette develops beautiful violet-colored flowers in late spring. Pretty dwarf North American species with abundance at altitudes above 3,300 m. PH 6-6,5 / GOC 1a / b + 2a + 3a with moisture protection in winter / s 4,50 EUR