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Cypripedium in 1 year fs

Cypripedium 1 year to flower

Below are some further and beautiful Cypripedium´s with excellent and healthy rhizom (root system) . The plants will need one more year, to be flowering sized!

Cypripedium Fay a attractive hybrid between the distinctive C. Sebastian and the pretty C. x columbianum . White colored flowers with strongly twisted braunpurpurnen petals. PH 6.5 /GOC KG 5a / b / hs -sch 27,50 EUR

Cypripedium flavum beautiful species from China. 30 - 50 cm high. Stem erect with 3 - 7 densely puberulous leaves. The solitary creme to yellow colored flower has purple spots and stripes and appears mid of May. Strong plants. PH 6,5 / Goc 5a + b / hs-sch 23,00 EUR

Cypripedium reginae The queen`s ladyslipper . Large flowers with broad white petals and a large pink-red lip. 50 cm high PH 6-6,5 / Goc 5a+20% Sand / hs 18,00 EUR

Cypripedium Sabine var. alba? This cross combines the two large flowering species C. macranthos and C. fasciolatum. This cross was made with a yellowish fascilatum and a white C. macranthos - The first flowering plants are mostly flowering pure white - only 20 percent has been flowering as a very beautiful semialba form. So you will have a win win situation. PH 6,5 / Goc 5a + 5 b / hs - sch 27,00 EUR

Cypripedium Ulla Silkens Beautiful cross between C. reginae and C. flavum with hairy leafage. Up to 50 cm height. The flowers varies from pink spotted with white tepals to nearly white from plant to plant. PH 6,5 / Goc 5 a / hs 18,00 EUR


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