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Cypripedium floweringsized

Flowering sized Plants

The following Lady´s slipper orchids are all invitro propagated, strong flowering sized plants. They have a fully intact and healthy rhizom (root system) that has grown its entire life-cycle under cultivation without greenhouse conditions!!


Cypripedium calceolus Invitro propagated offspring of this beautiful European species. PH 7 / GOC 5 a / hs - sch 39,50 EUR

Cypripedium fasciolatum x segawai a very attractve hybrid between the large flowering Cypripedium fasciolaum and the rarely seen and tricky Cypripedium segawai. Yellowish flowers. PH 6,5 / GOC 5b / hs-sch 42,50 EUR

Cypripedium macranthos a re-cross of the red flowering Cypripedium macranthos form. Multiple shoots!. PH 6,5 - 7 / GOC 5a / hs-sch 42,50 EUR

Cypripedium reginae The queen`s ladyslipper . Large flowers with broad white petals and a large pink-red lip. 50 cm high: Easy species in a sandy and wet place. PH 6-6,5 / Goc 5a+20% Sand / hs 25,00 EUR


Cypripedium floweringsized


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