Anemonopsis (Ranunculaceae)

  • Anemonopsis macrophylla Flore Plena

    Seldom offered form with double mauve- lilac flowers held pendulously over attractive, divided, ferny foliage. Early autumn fowering species.PH 6/GOC 3a + 5a / hs - sch

    27,50 EUR

  • Anemonopsis macrophylla forma alba White Swan

    this beautiful species comes from the mountain forests of central Honshus. It has attractive fern-like divided leaves and, if properly located, reaches a height of about 50 cm. The flower shaft, studded with numerous enchanting flowers, appears in September. The nodding purewhite, waxy flowers hang elegantly on 5 cm long flower stalks and give the environment an exotic-looking effect. GOC 3 + 5 / PH 6-7 / sch- hs

    19,50 EUR

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