Alpine Plants J - P

Plant offer J - P

On the left navigation bar you can find our plant offer J-P .
To classify different demands of cultivation the recommondations for different groups of cultivation have been split up. The information of the group of cultivation, the necessary pH value and light is added to every plant. On the left navigation bar you also will find a link to our detailed culture references.

Group 1 Alpinhouse plants
Group 2 Plants without winter protection
Group 3 Rockgarden plants
Group 4 Bulbs - and tuber plants
Group 5 Cypripedium

PH 6 = sourly (e.g. GRANITE)
PH 6.5 = neutrally
PH 7 = alkalinely (LIME)

s = sunny location
hs = semi shady location
sch = shady location

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