Crocus (Iridiaceae)

  • Crocus mathewii Dream Dancer

    a sought after species from the Lycian Taurus mountains in Souteast Turkey. Here the light lilac form with bright purple throut. One of the showiest autumn flowering Crocus! PH 6-7 /GOC 2a+4a/b

    11,50 EUR

  • Crocus niveus AH 0166

    a late flowering form of C. niveaus with with large white flowers and yellow throat from southern Greece PH 6 - 7 / GOC 4a +4b /s

    6,50 EUR

  • Crocus reticulatus VV.YYY.306

    this superb spring crocus has very large, starry lilac - blue colored flowers. The creamy blue outside is strongly striped with dark purple. Rare and beautiful form from Caucasus origin. PH 7,0 / GOC 4a + 4b / s

    8,50 EUR

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