Crocus (Iridiaceae)

  • Crocus hadriaticus f. lilacinus

    a very large-flowered autumn-flowering species that is native to rocky slopes in the bushes in western and southern Greece. Large mostly white-colored flowers with gray center. This pretty species needs winter wet protection to thrive well. PH 6 - 7 / KG 2a + 4 a + b / hs - s

    7,50 EUR

  • Crocus matthewii

    this sought after turkish autumn crocus will take your breath! Still a rarity. Big white colored flowers with beautiful deep violet colored throat . PH 7 / GOC 2a+ 4a / s

    13,50 EUR

  • Crocus oreocreticus X cartwrightianus 'Florane'

    A beautiful new hybrid of two related and similar Greek species. The offspring combine the best of both plants and form beautiful dark purple striped flowers with a purple base color that stands out from long red polines and yellow anthers. The throat is intensely indigo-violet in color. PH 6-7 / GOC 4a+b / s

    8,50 EUR

  • Crocus (biflorus ssp.) stridii

    Formerly as Crocus stridii renamed species from northeastern Greece. White flowers with purple stripes along the length of the sepals and contrasting black anthers. The throut is large and bright orange. PH 6 - 7 / GOC 2a + 4a/b / s

    9,00 EUR

  • Crocus vallicola

    A wonderful autumn crocus native to the Trabzon region, in northern Turkey.Beautifully shaped, very large elegant, pure white flowers with pointed petals, which are purple veined towards the tube. PH 6 /GOC 3a and 4 b / hs - s

    13,50 EUR

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