Saxifraga (Saxifragaceae)

  • Saxifraga burseriana

    Dense grey green cushions forming. Many white flowers in April. Compact clon! Large plants! PH 7 / Goc 2a/b + 3a/b / hs

    5,00 EUR

  • Saxfraga x dinninaris

    a wonderful natural hybrid of the Caucasian species S. dinnikii and S. columaris. Compact, cushion-forming jewel with flowers that are huge pink in relation to the plant. KG 1a / b / c + 3a / b /GOC 6-7 / hs

    5,50 EUR

  • Saxifraga valdensis

    forms beautiful silver grey cushions. Many white flowers on 10 cm long stems. PH 6-7 / Goc 2a/b + 3a/b / hs

    5,00 EUR

  • Saxifraga valdensis Minor

    Wie oben beschrieben jedoch zwergwüchsiger PH 6-7 / KG 2a/ b + 3a/b / hs

    6,00 EUR

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