Campanula (Campanulaceae)

  • Campanula alpestris

    a beautiful species, forming dense mats of small foliage rosettes. Very large blue flowers on 8cm high stems. Need a well drained soil and plenty of moisture during the flowertime. PH 6 - 7 / Goc 2a + 2b + 3a +3b/ hs

    6,50 EUR

  • Campanula fragilis

    Rarely seen. This perennial is covered in all parts with silver grey bristles. Very huge open starry blue flowers. Protection from winter wetness. PH 7 / Goc 1a + 1b + 1c / hs

    6,50 EUR

  • Campanula morettiana

    This superb species forms low spreading mats of grey-green finely dentate foliage. Short upright stems bearing solitary, large up-facing violet - blue bells. 5cm high. PH 7 / Goc 1a + 1b + 1c + 2 b + 3b / hs

    7,00 EUR

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