Iris (Iridaceae)

Iris afghanica Clon 2
Iris afghanica Clon 2

In my summer /autumn list you will find a large selection of rarely offered Juno´s an Onco´s

  • Iris acutiloba ssp. lineolata

    a seldom offered dwarf Oncocyclus species from the Iran. 8 cm high. Large witish flowers with brown and grey veins and a blackish signal patch on the falls . PH 7 / Goc 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris barnumae ssp. barnumae

    a wonderful species with distribution in Iran up to eastern Turkey. Up to 12 cm high gray-greeniched leaves, from which develops in the middle of the flower stem with terminal deep purple colored flowers. The approximately 8cm large flower usually has a white yellow colored beard and an indistinctly pronounced oncospot on the hanging leaves. PH 7 / GOC 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris iberica ssp. elegantissima

    one of the showiest species. Very large flowers with brownish veined standards and white falls. Young plants! PH 7 / Goc 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris nusariensis

    a rare and wonderful junoiris from Syria with large pale blue or white-blue flowers with yellow comb. From the onion with long thickened storage roots, the shoot develops with usually six shiny medium-green, lanceolate leaves, which rise from the base of the strongly swollen trunk. The species becomes up to 20 cm high. PH 6 - 7 / GOC 4a / s

    29,00 EUR

  • Iris nusariensis x aucheri

    A new hybrid between a pale violet and large flowering I. nusariensis and the robust and dark blue flowering I. aucheri. Beautiful up to 20 cm high robust plants with wonderful skyblue colour forms. PH 7 / GOC 2a +4a/b / s

    15,00 EUR

  • Iris paradoxa ssp. paradoxa

    A beautiful member of the Oncocyclus Iris with sickle-shaped leaves. Beautiful large dark purplish standards and small very furry falls. In 1 year fs ! PH 7 / Goc 4a / b /s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris paradoxa hybrid

    Wonderful large-flowered hybrids, which have mainly inherited the appearance of Iris paradoxa. Only a few! Up to 35 cm high PH6-7 /GOC 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris sari

    A turkish member of the Oncocyclus Iris with falcate leaves and large flowers on short stems. The flowers vary from red-brown-yellow to purple blue. One of the easier species in cultivation. PH 7 / Goc 4a/b/ s

    17,50 EUR

  • Iris sprengeri

    one of finest dwarf Oncocyclus Irises from Centaral Turkey with up to 10 cm large cream coloured heavily purple brown veined flowers. 10 cm high. In 1 year fs ! PH 7 / Goc 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris schelkownikowii

    A fantastic dwarf Onco species from Azerbaijan. Up to 10 cm high with violet flowers and golden yellow beard on the falls. The signal patch is purple coloured. FS or in 1 year fs plants! PH 7 / GOC 4a / s

    19,50 EUR

  • Iris stenophylla ssp. stenophylla

    A Juno species from the I. persica group from the Cilician Taurus. Up to 8 cm high. Large dark violet blue flowers with golden yellow ridge and golden yellow and white blotches around the crest. In 1 year floweringsized plants! PH 7 / GOC 4a/b / s

    17,50 EUR

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