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Daphne (Thymeleaceae)

All Daphnes are beautiful hardy shrubs which mostly produce very fragrant flowers.

All cuttings have their own root-stock!

Daphne domini Evergreen compact shrub with small thick leafy branches . The numerous pink colored , not opening flowers , develop terminal on the branches . 2-3 years old plants ! PH 6 - 7 /GOC 3 / hs 7,50 EUR

Daphne jezoensis A daphne rarity whch occurs from Kamchatka over the Kuril Islands to Hokaido and Honshu in northern Japan. Up to 40 cm high slow-growing deciduous shrub. It grows in its homeland in light subalpine forests and flowers with us in early spring. The pretty golden-yellow-colored flowers develop terminal to 4 - 10 at the branch ends. Two years old seed-grown plants. Rare! PH 6 / GOC 3a + 5a / hs - sch 14,50 EUR

Daphne petraea Another ultimate in small Daphne. Very choice dwarf shrub with beautiful fragant rosy-pink flowers. 2 - 3 years old cuttings PH 6,5 - 7 / Goc 1a+b+c + 2a + b/ 3b / hs-s 9,00 EUR

Daphne retusa beautiful, evergreen upright growing shrub from China. Up to 40 cm high. The white to pink flowers appear in terminal clusters.2 years old plants raised from seed, even small! PH 6/ Goc 2a+3a / hs -s 8,50 EUR