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Daphne (Thymeleaceae)

Beautiful, fragrant dwarf shrubs

... with flower-crown-like, coloured, tube-shaped perianth with 4 protruding calyx sections. Leaves mostly alternate. All offered cuttings have their own root-stock! !!

Note: All Daphne species are poisonous!
Avoid direct skin contact, especially with open wounds.

Daphne blagayana Brenda Anderson a wonderful creeping evergreen bush. Up to 20 creme - white flowers in terminal heads. Here the compact form. PH 7 / Goc 3a / hs 9,50 EUR

Daphne cneorum pygmaea `Adamce` the dwarf variety of D. cneorum. Up to 8 cm high. On the branches terminal appearing red flowers. 2 year old cuttings PH 7 / GOC 3a / hs-s 9,50 EUR

Daphne cneorum ´Mostkovice´ Fragrant evergreen dwarf shrub with down-growing branches. Up to 20 cm high. On theend of the branches appear terminal red flowers in umbels. 2-3 year old cuttings of this rarely offered geotype. PH 7 / KG 3a / hs-s 9,50 EUR

Daphne cneorum "Velky Kosir" evergreen shrublet. dark - pink to reddish flowers are born in terminal heads of six to ten flowers each cluster. 3 years old cuttings of this beautiful dark flowered and very vigerous cultivar! PH 6 - 7 / Goc 3a / hs - s 10,50 EUR

Daphne domini Evergreen compact shrub with small thick leafy branches . The numerous pink colored , not opening flowers , develop terminal on the branches . 2-3 years old plants ! PH 6 - 7 /GOC 3 / hs 7,50 EUR

Daphne x hendersonii Monte Nota a newer named cross from Mr. Hans Bauer in Germany with rose-pink flowers. Up to 20 cm high. PH 6-7/ Goc 2a+ 3a/ hs -s 9,50 EUR

Daphne x hendersonii `Unten` This form of Daphne x hendersonii is characterized by the more compact growth with the slightly broader leaves and the dark rose-coloured flower buds. 2-3 year old cuttings PH 6-7 / GOC 1a + 1b / 2a + 3a / hs -s 10,50 EUR

Daphne jezoensis A daphne rarity whch occurs from Kamchatka over the Kuril Islands to Hokaido and Honshu in northern Japan. Up to 40 cm high slow-growing deciduous shrub. It grows in its homeland in light subalpine forests and flowers with us in early spring. The pretty golden-yellow-colored flowers develop terminal to 4 - 10 at the branch ends. Two years old seed-grown plants. Rare! PH 6 / GOC 3a + 5a / hs - sch 19,50 EUR

Daphne modesta a wonderful low deciduous shrub from a small area in the province of Yunnan and western Sichuan in China. Aged about 30 cm high. Pretty numerous sulfur- yellow flowers with 5 petals. My 10 year old mother plant has now grown to a 18 cm high , strongly branched shrub, and stood in a winter covered cold frame and survived the icy February 2012 ( - 25 ° C) without damage. In dry winter this species seems to be hardy. Strong 2 -year-old seed growing plants! PH 6.5 / GOC 1a / b / c / hs - s 10,50 EUR

Daphne petraea Another ultimate in small Daphne. Very choice dwarf shrub with beautiful fragant rosy-pink flowers. 2 - 3 years old cuttings PH 6,5 - 7 / Goc 1a+b+c + 2a + b/ 3b / hs-s 12,50 EUR

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