Daphne (Thymeleaceae)

Beautiful, fragrant dwarf shrubs

... with flower-crown-like, coloured, tube-shaped perianth with 4 protruding calyx sections. Leaves mostly alternate. All offered cuttings have their own root-stock! !!

Note: All Daphne species are poisonous!
Avoid direct skin contact, especially with open wounds.

  • Daphne arbuscula "Maretkina"

    a new selection and surely one of the best dwarf creeping D. arbuscula. 2 year old cuttings PH 7 / Goc 3a / hs - s

    9,50 EUR

  • Daphne cneorum ´Mostkovice´

    Fragrant evergreen dwarf shrub with down-growing branches. Up to 20 cm high. On theend of the branches appear terminal red flowers in umbels. 2-3 year old cuttings of this rarely offered geotype. PH 7 / KG 3a / hs-s

    11,50 EUR

  • Daphne domini

    Evergreen compact shrub with small thick leafy branches . The numerous pink colored , not opening flowers , develop terminal on the branches . 2-3 years old plants ! PH 6 - 7 /GOC 3 / hs

    8,00 EUR

  • Daphne x hendersonii Monte Nota

    a newer named cross from Mr. Hans Bauer in Germany with rose-pink flowers. Up to 20 cm high. PH 6-7/ Goc 2a+ 3a/ hs -s

    10,50 EUR

  • Daphne modesta

    a wonderful low deciduous shrub from a small area in the province of Yunnan and western Sichuan in China. Aged about 30 cm high. Pretty numerous sulfur- yellow flowers with 5 petals. My 10 year old mother plant has now grown to a 18 cm high , strongly branched shrub, and stood in a winter covered cold frame and survived the icy February 2012 ( - 25 ° C) without damage. In dry winter this species seems to be hardy. Strong 2 -year-old seed growing plants! PH 6.5 / GOC 1a / b / c / hs - s

    10,50 EUR

  • Daphne oleoides

    Compact evergreen shrub with leathery grey green leaves. The flowers are creamy white to cristaline white. Up to 50 cm high. PH 6,5 - 7 / Goc 2a + 3a / s

    10,50 EUR

  • Daphne retusa

    beautiful, evergreen upright growing shrub from China. Up to 40 cm high. The white to pink flowers appear in terminal clusters.2 years old plants raised from seed, even small! PH 6/ Goc 2a+3a / hs -s

    12,50 EUR

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