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Helleborus (Ranunculaceae)

Delivery only in early spring and in autum!

Helleborus croaticus A rare member of the Helleborus family from the northern part of Croatia. The foliage is very similar to H. atrorubens, while the flowers are closer to H. torquatus. The flowers are usually pendent and rather conical, in shades of purple or reddish-violet. PH 6 - 7 / GOC 3a / hs 14,50 EUR

Helleborus purpurescens a attractice species with green-purpur colored flowers. Up to 25 cm high PH 6,5 - 7/ Goc 3a / hs 7,50 EUR

Helleborus torquatus Seldom offered species - here from the Bjelasica Bosna Herzegovina. Tufts forming plant. Up to 40 cm high with many nodding brownish-green flowers. Seed grown plants which neeed one more year to be fs! PH 6 - 7 / Goc 3a / hs 9,00 EUR