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Erythronium (Liliaceae)

Erythronium californicum A species with beautiful white flowers marked red in the center. The leaves are marbled silver and green. A smaller plant than the selection "White Beauty". PH 6 / GOC 2a + 3a / hs 9,00 EUR

Erythronium caucasicum a rarely offered species from the Caucasus with creamy-white flowers over pretty reddish speckled foliage. Up to 15 cm high. PH 6 / GOC 3a + 5a / hs 11,50 EUR

Erythronium japonicum beautiful bulbous perennial with brown-marbled lance-shaped leaves and stems up to 15 cm tall, carying large elegant deep amethyst to purple coloured flowers and blue antheres. PH 6 / Goc 2a + 3a + 5a + 20 % Sand / hs 10,50 EUR