Primula (Primulaceae)

  • Primula allionii Selektion

    Wonderful rosy pink to reddish purple flowers with a white eye on gray - green foliage. PH 7 / Goc 1a +1b +1c +peat / hs-sch

    7,50 EUR

  • Primula auricula ssp. ciliata

    the rare smalerl efarinose Primula auricula form with toothed leaf margins and bright golden yellow flowers. ASouthern Alps endemic plant. PH 7 / GOC 3a + peat / hs - sch

    6,00 EUR

  • Primula ellisiae

    Beautiful and large purple flowers in umbels. Spathulate gray-green leaves. Up to 10cm height. Young plants! PH 6 / Goc 1a/b+2a + 3a peat / hs

    7,50 EUR

  • Primula minima

    well known and beautiful Primula and also the smallest Species from the Alps. Violett flowers on short stems. Not easy to get it to flower! PH 6 / Goc 2a + 3a + Peat / hs

    5,50 EUR

  • Primula oenensis (former daonensis)

    beautiful Primula with deep purple flowers and white eye. 5cm high. PH 6-6,5 / Goc 2a + 3a + Peat / hs

    4,50 EUR

  • Primula spectabilis

    beautiful species from the Southern Alps with grass-green, broad cartilaginous rosette leaves. Stem to 7 - flowered. Beautiful rose-red to purple colored flowers with white center. PH 7 / Goc 3a / hs

    5,50 EUR

  • Primula tyrolensis

    Beautiful species from the Dolomit Alps. Up to 4 cm high . Large lilac to purplish-pink flowers with a white eye, in umbels of two to three. strong plants! PH 1a+1b +3a + Peat / hs

    5,50 EUR

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