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Edraianthus (Campanulaceae)

Edraianthus glicisii a rare new species from the Sinjaevina Mountains near the Tara River in Monte Negro. This beautiful species forms loose cushions with large solitary violet flowers over linear lanceolate foliage. Pretty. PH 6-7 / GOC 2a + 3a / s 6,00 EUR

Edraianthus serpyllifolius This superb species forms mats of grass-like, dark green foliage. Itīs native of Dalmatia and northern Albania and produce large bells of rich violet-blue late spring. PH 7 / GOC 2a +3a / s 5,50 EUR

Edrainathus tarae A new species from the gorge of the Tara River near the Durmitor Mountains in Croatia. Very large white colored flowers in tufts. PH 6 - 7 / GOC 2a / b + 3a / b / hs - s 6,00 EUR