Jeffersonia (Berberidaceae)

  • Jeffersona diphylla

    a species with heart-shaped long-stemmed leaves and pretty white peel flowers on one-flowered shaft, native of the Atlantic North America. The flower develops with the leaves in the early spring. Up to 30 cm high. PH 6 / GOC 3a + 5a + Humus / hs - sch

    7,50 EUR

  • Jeffersonia dubia

    A sought after shrub from Manchuria. Up to15 cm high.The light blue coloured anemone-like flowers develop on 15 cm high stems from a creeping rhizome in early spring. The pretty long-stalked, two-lobed, slightly rounded leaves unfold with the flower and stretch after the fading something in the height and size. PH 6 / KG 3a + 5a / hs -sch

    11,50 EUR

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