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Gentiana (Gentiaceae)

Gentiana acaulis Mats of shiny evergreen leaves forming gentian. Very large blue trumpet - shaped flowers. Selected large flowering plants! PH 6 / Goc 3a + peat / s-hs 4,50 EUR

Gentiana clusii forma alba The wonderful white form ........ PH 7 / GOC 2a + 3a / s-hs 9,50 EUR

Gentiana georgei this rarity forms a basal leafrosette. Terminal, solitary pale violet, skyblue striped and marked flowers on leavy stems. PH 6 - 7 / Goc 2a + 3a + peat / hs 6,50 EUR

Gentiana straminea larger rosette forming species from West China with basal lanceolate leaves. beautiful flowers in terminal heads. PH 6 / Goc 3a + peat/ s-hs 6,00 EUR

Gentiana szechenyi this seldom offered species forms star-shaped rosettes. The large flowers are usually white to light pink coloured and inside green striped and spotted. Floweringtime in August-Sept. Similar to Gentiana georgei but grows only in acidic soils and always with brighter flowers. Protection for winter sun! PH 6 / Goc 2a + 3a + peat / hs 6,50 EUR

Gentiana veitchiorum Dense roesettes of dark green leaves forming gentian from Sechuan in China. Big dark blue flowers on short stems.PH 6 /Goc 3a/ hs 6,00 EUR