Gentiana (Gentiaceae)

  • Gentiana acaulis forma alba

    Sought after form with huge white trumpets and olive-green striped and doted inside . PH 6 / Goc 3a + peat / s-hs

    10,00 EUR

  • Gentiana bavarica

    dwarf tuffs forming species with very densely leafed single-flowered shoots. Up to 6 cm high. The wonderful deep blue colored flowers appear in late spring and can form a single blue pillow. Rarely offered - for damp, boggy locations. PH 6-7 / GOC 3a + peat / hs

    6,50 EUR

  • Gentiana clusii forma alba

    The wonderful white form ........ PH 7 / GOC 2a + 3a / s-hs

    9,50 EUR

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